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Free online letter count / character counter

Useful for your tweets on Twitter, as well as a multitude of other applications, this is a free online calculator which counts the number of characters or letters in a text. Journalists writing your article, students working on your assignment, freelance writers, researchers, job seekers preparing your Resume or Curriculum Vitae: please feel free to use this tool to count the number of letters or characters in your document. It will also be useful for marketing, advertising, web design, brochure creation, thesis writing, etc.

Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Yelp or just a post to co-workers, and business officials, the number of actual characters matters. What you say may not be as important as how you say it. And how many characters you use. In today’s new media every letter counts. And brevity comes down to letter character. For instance, one of the most well-known social media sites has a 120 letter character limit. Something few people think about.

This is just to show you what 120 letter characters looks like, this is all the space you have to compose your thoughts.

To start counting your letters, simply write or paste the text into the text area and Count characters.

Thanks to, this skydiver knows how many letters there are in parachute. But didn't he forget about something?

Write or paste your text into this online character counter:

Twitter's character limit is 140. An SMS text message limit is 160. Google AdSense ads can have 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the ad text, and 35 characters for the displayed URL. N.B. a space or punctuation are a "character".

Exercice: try to copy and paste portions of this text to count the number of letters.  • Even the cheapest online college demands a diploma. Studying an MBA program online or at online business schools requires a previous application where the number of letters is carefully controlled. Admissions to cheapest online college are regulated. Online business schools offer character counts in their advertising classes. An MBA program online offers a wide range of subjects, such as economics, organization, marketing, accounting, finance, strategic management, international business, management of information technology, human resources, and political strategies. Students work on a wide range of courses in the first year, then begin a specialization in the second. Specialization occurs through courses which are generally chosen by the student who wishes to explore a particular area (e.g. the market for finance options or pricing policies for marketing).  • An MBA program online is one of the best in the world. It forms effective frameworks and established many links with the business world. American universities have considerable financial means. For example, Harvard's capital is 34.9 billion. In a federal country like the United States, the university system is decentralized and higher education institutions enjoy considerable autonomy that allows them flexibility.  • Since the mid 1990s, the cheapest online colleges have undergone considerable consolidation. Many providers have gone out of business or were absorbed by larger groups. In 2005, there were 4,182 higher education institutions (colleges, universities, schools) in the United States, and approximately research 1,400 units. That represents the highest enrollment rate in higher education in the world. The two-year online colleges form the basis of tertiary education.  • Online business schools enables Programme graduates to start their professional career abroad. In fact, multiple exchange agreements in many countries place online business schools among the World's most successful. The schools also develop and expand their networks constantly with MBA. The cultural mix is commonplace in the business school, with more than one in three students being from overseas. Professors and researchers from partner universities also participate in teaching, research and seminars. Visiting students of all nationalities, foreign professors stakeholders, study visits, internships abroad, international conferences, online business schools apply internationalization to the heart of student life.

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Facebook's character limits

Facebook is a popular networking site that many people find useful. It is used for business, selling products, and advertising. Teenagers use Facebook as a way to talk and interact with friends and such. Like any other networking sites, it does have length requirements when it comes to writing in certain areas. For example, private messaging is used just like an email within Facebook. Private messaging could be either in the form of an instant message (chat), or a regular email-type message. When using instant messaging, there is a 500 character limit; whereas regular messaging has a 2,500 character limit. Facebook statuses are another area that have a character limit. The limit for a status was 420 characters and has been supposedly raised to 60,000 characters; however, in practice, your browser may freeze if you try to type or paste such a long text... so, backup beforehand! Facebook wall posts also have a 420 character limit. So if you want to write on someone's wall, then you can only have 420 characters before the limit is reached. An area on Facebook that isn't used quite as much is Notes. Facebook Notes is a writing area that many bloggers find useful. The reason is because Facebook Notes does not have a character limit. Since it doesn't have a character limit many people find it easier to write down their thoughts and share it with their friends that way by tagging them. On Facebook, many people upload and post new photos everyday. Unfortunatley, when commenting on these pics, there is also a character limit: 420 characters. Along with uploading pictures, you can write a description. Of course, like most writing areas on facebook, there is a 420 character limit for picture descriptions.

Facebook's character limits in short:

  • instant message (chat): 500
  • regular message: 2,500
  • status: 420, raised in theory to 60,000, but browser issues if too long (depends on your browser and computer)
  • wall posts: 420
  • photo comments: 420
  • picture descriptions: 420
When space matters:

Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Yelp or just a post to co-workers, and business officials, words and word count matter, but more than that, letter count, or the number of actual characters matters. What you say may not be as important as how you say it. And how many characters you use.

Most people worry about word count, but in today’s new media every letter counts. And brevity comes down to letter character. For instance, one of the most well-known social media sites has a 120 letter character limit. Something few people think about.

This is just to show you what 120 letter characters looks like, this is all the space you have to compose your thoughts.

So if you can learn to use the letter count in your favor, you are one step ahead of the game. Word counters are good, but letter count is often more important, and in the situations of a hard character limit, an online letter counter will be of more use to you.

You should:

  • Try to consider what words have to be used, and which words can be substituted with something shorter.

  • Remember to letter count any names or intellectual properties you have to use so you can take them into account when you count your words and letters later.

  • Try to think of three to five ways to shorten a sentence without making it choppy.

  • Write in complete sentences. A hard character limit is no excuse for bad grammar.

Types of letters

There are many types of letters in today’s society. Letters are actually used very often in the world. In the business world a lot of employees have to create a business letter at one time or another with a certain amount of characters. Some employees use a word document or some kind of typing system to write these letters and to count the words and characters they use. Another way these employees can count their characters and words in their letters is through a character counter online or to buy one in stores. Another type of letters that is written is just a regular letter, which what many people use in today’s society as well. These types of letters don’t have a specific limit on how many characters or words you can have. The best part about this is that you don’t have to count or use a counter of any type.

Love letterWhen it comes to love letters some people prefer to keep count of their words and characters, so in this case they may use a counter. The only time a person is concerned of how many characters are being used in the letter is when it’s a boy writing to a girl. They may use a counter or count the characters on their own to check to make sure they didn’t overdo it. Love letters are easier to write or type than business letters. First off having to count characters can be a pain or just annoying at times. Since business letters contain a limit to how many characters you can have, it can make it harder to type or take some more time than a love letter to write. Business letters need character counters while love letters are free and don’t need a counter. Love letters are written from the heart and most of the time admits how a person is feeling for another person. Love letters are a common type of writing and are popular among the types of letters. It is mainly because you can choose whether to count the characters or not. There are a few social sites out on the internet that our visited frequently by people everywhere and that are really popular. Twitter is a social site that is becoming very popular. Although you don’t necessarily write letters, you can tweet, which is posting a status about what’s going on, or anything you want pretty much. The only problem with this site is that it has a certain limit of characters you can use.

When writing an article or text of any sort, it is very important to know how many characters or letters your text includes. Counting the exact number of letters can be tough. Sometimes it is not easy to write something within a limit, we often like to feel free to express ourselves. Constantly thinking about whether a letter or character should be included or not can be boring. That is why it is usually better to use a program, a character counter, which counts the characters for you. In this way, you just continue writing, in whatever style you want, and the program will keep count of your writing.

After having written a piece, let the program count how many characters you have written. This will give you an idea of how you are doing, and how many letters more you need to write. Remember, that character counting includes all characters used in a sentence, not just the letters. This is how many sites count when they put a limit on the size of the text, often including even the space between letters.

Long sentenceYou might feel that counting letters and characters is prohibiting you from expressing yourself, that it stifles your writing. This is a very valid feeling. But, instead of thinking in terms of limiting yourself, see the counting of characters as a means to grow as a writer. Think of advert slogans, for example. You can still remember some slogans from your childhood, for sure. Now, these are not long, expressive texts, but very short, succinct sentences. In fact, often it is only one sentence- but a good one. In the same way, having to count letters and characters will help you express yourself in a concrete manner. Learning how to say something in different ways, with a different amount of letters and characters will stimulate you to think about the language and how you can fully use it. Synonyms, acronyms, opposites- utilize all of these to express something in a variety of ways. It will make you more skilled as a writer.

Sometimes, writing longer sentences can minimize your character count. This is because many grammatical expressions need only be written once, instead of several times. A comma, while it counts, could accomplish the same as a number of letters. Counter productive? No, not really. You want your readers to get the point of your message, whether it is a text with information, an instruction to your workers or simply an expression of appreciation. What is your goal in writing? Usually you just want your readers to understand your writing, and this can be accomplished with a limited number of letters and characters.

Counting letters and characters is more or less impossible for a normal text. Even if a site only allows a small number of characters, like 120 ( a common limit on some popular sites), it is still the length of a normal sentence. It is very easy to get lost and loose time on something that is not necessary. Simply putting the text in a character counter is so much better, saves you lots of time. And everybody knows that time is money. Time is too short to be counting letters and characters by yourself, it should be used for writing.

counterThe best part about it is that at the bottom it counts how many characters you used already. It’s useful because it has a personal character counter built into itself so it helps you out for if you need to reword a long status so it posts or something along those lines. Facebook is another social site that is out there on the internet. Facebook just so happens to be way more popular than twitter. Facebook is a social networking site like MySpace was back when it was popular. Facebook like twitter also has a limit on how many characters you can post as well. Like twitter though it also has a character counter that counts the words. Another popular form of communication through teenagers mainly is SMS, which is texting. Texting involves a phone and its basically sending a message to someone quicker than any other method. Just like the computer, texting also has a character limit, but it also has a character counter built-in as well. Since counting characters by yourself is not always easy or fun, it’s nice to have character counters built in to the things we use to type or write. If you think about it technology and the advances in technology is taking over the economy and world in a way. Books, mail, literature, pens, writing, novels, poem, and short stories used to be what people looked forward to and what they had to do or something. Today letters are still used but less frequently like they used to be. Mainly they are typed so people can keep track of their characters by the character counter at the bottom of the page. Technology is a faster way of communication and many people enjoy what it all has to offer. Just like many people liked the idea of being able to write letters way back then.

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